Panasonic projectors, 5500 ANSI lumen, interchangeable lenses, DVI / HDMI
Acer Wideangle projector, 2200 ANSI lumen, HDMI

75” LED Panasonic
55” Plasma Panasonic
45” LED Philips
45” LED Panasonic
32” LED Telefunken

20x Mediaplayer for video installations, video loops (Raspberry 4,), with HDMI out

Sony A7S III Camera, 4K kit, with several lenses (canon, zeiss, leica)
PANASONIC DVX200, 4K camera
Atomos Ninja V external recorder
Rig structures for individual camera mounting
ATEM Mini Live-directing mixing studio
Sachtler / Manfrotto Tripods
DJI Gimbal
DJI Mavic pro drone
HDMI / BNC / DVI / VGA cables of all lengths
All kind of adapters for HDMI in / out copy procedures
HDMI splitter / HDMI interfaces

A set of shotgun, and stereo microfones for hq audio recording
Lavalier Micorfones
Several audio recorders (timecode sync systems)
Near-field Speakers, for professional audio postproduction
Small speakers for video installations or on-table sound mixing
12x over-ear headphones with high quality sound
5x Headphone amplifiers
XLR Cables of all length (2m – 25m)

3x LED Film lights with variable white balance 60W

Several switches (8 / 16 / 24 port) with Gigabit and SFP
Wifi Repeater, Access-Points, Router
LAN cables of all kind

Mobile power station (2000W) for off-grid workflows
Power cables of all length (3m – 50m)

Apple Mac Pro editing suite
Apple M1 Max mobile editing suite
External storage drives, various sizes up to 50TB for mobile productions