(IN)SECURITY @ Schwere Reiter Munich

I’m doing the technical support / video operator for Stephanie Felber’s dance performance play (in)security in collaboration with the artist Guida Miranda.

This includes the artistic video concept in general, several surveillance camera systems, mixing multiple HDMI inputs in a multi-screen-installation and sending face recognition data via MIDI to the musician Christoph Reiserer.

Artistic Director: Stephanie Felber
Performer: Sunday Israel Akpan, Susanne Grau, Nikos Konstantakis, Ludger Lamers, Elsa Mourlam 
Technical Operator: Patrik Thomas
Sounddesign: Christoph Reiserer
Setdesign: Guida Miranda
Lightdesign: Diana Dorn 
Management: Veronika Heinrich 
Public Relations: Simone Lutz

Stephanie Felber in cooperation with her team creates (In)Security, an interactive situation that addresses individual and collective need for security. Spaces, situations, and gestures oscillate between comfort and discomfort, arising from a dubious gap in control, surveillance and patrol, which altogether raise the question of when “security” might become threatening.

Stephanie Felber / schwere Reiter